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  • It is possible to buy Boric Acid based ant and roach killers – and is relatively cheap.
  • Not recommended for kitchens unless it can be secured away from food prepping areas.
  • If making your own Boric Acid bait, you want the concentration of the Boric Acid at between 1% and 3%. Too high and the insects will not consume it.
  • When setting the bait out, it will look like you have rung their dinner bell. If not, your concentration of Boric Acid may be too high or the ‘attractant’ – which is often sugar water/gel is mixed wrong. If they come, keep setting out the ‘dinner’. It will take several weeks – then they start dwindling in appearance. Keep supplying until none show up.
  • Don’t use ‘glue traps’ when using a bio-accumulative ‘bait’ trap. The glue trap will prevent the roach from taking it home.. sharing it, or being consumed by another roach when it dies.

    Links: – if Boric Acid does not show up – search for it.

    Boric Acid for Roaches

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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