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1 month ago

Got a request for you Rich if not too much trouble. The biggest story in RE continues to be the extremely low volume of homes being put on the market. Posting the inventory data for the last few years shows the relative changes of late but really misses out on what is most important from a historical perspective. The SoCal housing economist I follow has taken to always including a pre-pandemic 2019 inventory line which puts it all in perspective. Until we get back to listing volume and inventory levels like back then we are in for a very very sluggish market here.

1 month ago
Reply to  Rich Toscano

Thanks and yes the monthly graphs are the ones I was referencing. On the graph you linked a crudely drawn regression line would fall around 5500. The current level on that line is less than half of that. It is half of what it was in a growing area. Lending has gotta to have been hit even harder.

If you could add a historical average line of some sorts in it would really show that very clearly