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16 years ago

Rich, that graph is very
Rich, that graph is very pretty! And easy to understand and informative.


16 years ago

Looks to be a little more
Looks to be a little more gain than loss, but the shift from trowel to spatula is interesting. Tourism seems to be a mainstay in San Diego now.

16 years ago

I got this email for an
I got this email for an entry level Oracle DBA job for non-USA citizens only. Check it out:

Dennis Smith wrote:

Urgent openings for full time position (Oracle DBA)


This is Dennis from HD Dimension Corp. which deals with IT
staffing, consulting, recruiting and resourcing. I have got your profile
from job portal and it is my pleasure to let you know that your profile
matches with several job openings with us …….

HD Dimension Corp is a DNB certified company in serving its Fortune
500 clients in IT Consulting and Staffing. We have several openings with
our Client projects across USA. We are looking for excellent people who
can take on challenge and perform as Wall Street professional …….

Our Clients are JPMC, Microsoft, AT & T, CISCO, Merrill Lynch, Goldman
Sachs, Citigroup, and many more ……

For further information visit our website

Our openings:

Oracle DBA.

What you need to qualify:

– Master/Bachelors in any Technology/Engineering or having knowledge
about UNIX, oracle 9i, 10g, Database, SQL ..
– Valid work Authorization in USA.
– Freshers can apply.

Fully Industry oriented onsite training with FREE ACCOMODATION.

Training (Must Required) & Job Opportunity (100 % Guaranteed)

Summary: We provide industrial-strength training on Oracle DBA and job
opportunities (100 % guaranteed)……
Training Starts On : 18th August ..

Training Duration: Five weeks ( core Oracle DBA Training and BOOT Camp
process with grooming sessions and free guidance from mentor ) ….

Class Description: Small class size with around 10 people free
accommodation during Training ……

Training Fee : $1500 (to be paid by the candidate) , because we will
guarantee you a full time job with a minimum of $ 55k to $ 65k per
annum initially with a definite chance of salary hike (10 %) twice a
year and medical benefits 22 days paid annual leaves ……

Training place: 3312 Town Court South, Lawrenceville, NJ, USA 08648.

What we offer to you:

– Full Time permanent job.
– Working with Billion Dollar projects of Fortune 500 companies.
– H1B Sponsorship.
– Green card Sponsorship.
– Benefits like Medical, Dental, Vision etc.
– Aggressive Salaries with 10% increment annually.
– Performance Evaluation every six months.
– Offer letter for CPT application…..

Interested candidates, who want to grab this 100% (Guaranteed) job
opportunity followed by this compulsory industry oriented training with
upfront payment, send me your updated Resume in word format along with
your current visa status ASAP and we will guarantee you with 100 % job
opportunity (full time) after successful completion of the training
along with visa sponsorship …..

Shoot off your resume along with your visa status ASAP…
Looking forward to your reply, so that we can move accordingly before
time runs out…..

Urgent requirement for Oracle DBA

In case of any queries ,

Contact : Dennis Smith
Telephone : 732-546-3995 , 732-658-5270
Email :
Website :
Company Name : HD Dimension Corp.
Company Address :
5 Independence Way
Suite 300
Princeton, NJ 08540

16 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Just to quickly address some
Just to quickly address some replies:

There are Americans of Indian, African, Hispanic, et al, decent who oppose the outsourcing of American jobs and oppose mass illegal immigration. Sorry, the race card won’t play here.

one_muggle, it is difficult to understand what you say. It seems clear that you consider Americans inferior and argue about genetics…eugenics. What about the Indians who have become citizens, or the African Americans, or other ethnic Americans?

As an American, I am having difficulty finding a job, cannot afford a house, health benefits, and am being squeezed by inflation and a poor job market. I would gladly pay the money on training for the Oracle dba job. You do not know my race so your charge of racism is hypocritical.

If I was an Indian, I would see things from your perspective. I am not anti-Indian. Please do not misunderstand. Below are some links which give the big picture, how we are being played against each other.

This is about the expansion of the system of economic debt, which enslaves countries. It is about slavery and a disrespect for worker and human rights. Just look how the Bill of Rights has been corroded. All of the hard earned workers rights are slipping away.

For example, many years ago, there were fires in New York garment factories, where women workers were burned to death, and this happened more than once. Finally laws were passed to protect workers, but big business opposed it. Now, big business can circumvent US laws and move back towards slavery. You can smugly take American jobs, but if this can happen to Americans, then it can happen to you. They will find a way cut you down, the same as they have done to the American working and middle class. How? Please study the links below. Economic warfare means everybody is in debt (slavery). Note how even well employed Americans are in debt because the housing prices and inflation have skyrocketed.

I understand that foreign workers just want to survive, just the same as me. It is contemptuous that Americans who have it good for now, show a callous disregard for the plight of their countrymen. These are the “King Rats”, who float to the top of the cesspool of American labor. It is well nown that it is sociopaths that do well in such cut-throat environments.

I believe that the answer is to strip the banksters and international financiers, Banks of England and Rome, Federal Reserve, G-8, etc. They are ruining all of our lives while they get fabulously richer and richer. They do it by turning us against one another. Look how much money the big companies make! Why do we need to shatter lives to stay competitive and increase profits, why? To enslave the world in slavery and debt in a New World Order controlled by the financial elite. Private corporations simply have too much control of government and politics. Truly frightening, it is.

16 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

One last thing I forgot to
One last thing I forgot to say:

The job ad excludes Americans (presumably white from the racist slurs above). Thus it is racially biased probably towards Indians. But what race of Indians? India has lots of races and is a caste based racially bigoted society, talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Click the link to read about the caste riots!