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16 years ago

If 1470 homes = .22% of all
If 1470 homes = .22% of all single family homes in SD, that means there are about 668,000 sf homes in SD. And if 1470 = 11.1% of sf homes for sale, that means there are about 13,000 sf homes for sale. So about 2% of sf homes in SD are for sale.

If, of the homes that were lost, the same percentage were listed for sale as were listed for sale in the city as a whole, then 29 of them would’ve been listed for sale. Which moves the months of inventory number from 12.2 months to 12.0 months.

Quick and dirty on a break at work, but it seems about right.

16 years ago

Buyer sentiment –

Buyer sentiment –

In LA before/during the last downturn, it seemed as though pestilence was being heaped upon it – fires, earthquakes, heavy rains, riots. I think this was a psychological contributor to the population exodus (couldn’t rent a Uhaul as they were all in use by people leaving town).

Only time will tell if this has a negative effect on population. The fires 3 years ago in SD didn’t seem to.

But, an every-3-year mass fire can’t be good. Lot’s of people are leaving because they can’t afford to live here. If there are many on the fence, the fires will only encourage the undecided to perhaps move on.

These factors are hard or impossible to quantify. They are intangible, but can have an effect.


16 years ago
Reply to  CAwireman

The fires will give out of
The fires will give out of work/slow contractors the shot at some work. This will help unemployment, and that’s good. But all in all, nothing’s going to stop the train.

16 years ago

I wonder what, if any,
I wonder what, if any, impact this will have on regional and local desirability. Will this make coastal areas even more desirable as they were not seriously threatened? Will this have impact on the folks’ desire/willingness to move to Southern California in general and San Diego in particular?