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15 years ago

This should set up a nice
This should set up a nice bounce in Real Estate this Spring.

15 years ago

I stand by my prediction made
I stand by my prediction made 3 months ago. 2009 will be a devistating year for real estate as unemployment grows and home prices continue to decline. A spring bounce is looking less and less likely as the terrible economic news from around the globe seems relentless.

Mark Holmes
15 years ago
Reply to  peterb

I stand by last weeks
I stand by last weeks prediction that San Diego median will decrease by 25-30% between now and December 2009.

But I wish people would start looking at it in another way…

Where are the news stories celebrating the increase in affordability of housing?

15 years ago

You know Rich, I think the
You know Rich, I think the problem is that you just don’t like to draw graphs with upward sloping lines. I mean really, would it be so hard? I know you love your downward bias, but come on, lets not be so negative all the time.

CA renter
15 years ago

Those graphs look pretty
Those graphs look pretty stark, Rich. Thanks for posting that.

Other than those using housing as a hedge against a dollar collapse/inflation, I don’t see why anyone would be buying right now, especially in the mid-higher tier areas that have just had minimal drops so far.