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14 years ago

Rich Toscano vs George
Rich Toscano vs George Chamberlin show down?

14 years ago
Reply to  Rich Toscano

I’ll be listening, Rich!
I’ll be listening, Rich! Represent!!!

14 years ago
Reply to  Trojan4Life

can someone get the recorder
can someone get the recorder on? Anyone have “Replay radio”?

14 years ago

Whether I’m coherent at that
Whether I’m coherent at that hour is another question.

“If you see a programmer working at 7 am, most likely he didn’t go to sleep yet” (folk wisdom)

That’s the solution to your problem, Rich. You’ll be more coherent if you stay up till 7:37 than if you try to wake up too early. Not like anyone’s going to see your raccoon eyes over the radio.

CA renter
14 years ago
Reply to  Rich Toscano

Nice job, Rich!
Yep, there’s

Nice job, Rich!

Yep, there’s certainly a spring rally going on right now.

14 years ago
Reply to  Eugene

I enjoyed it, you got more
I enjoyed it, you got more time than last time plus I can play it for my friends and proclaim to be important because I know someone famous. I liked the rent/buy analysis as the main tool for decision making and the separation of the low and high end, which still bothers me because in every downturn the percentages end up almost the same regardless of category when you look backwards on it.

I did notice a change, I sense your fear of inflation, it’s been bugging me too. Not just the printing of money but that the guys in the government financial war room probably have that idea on the dry erase board. From their perspective, look at the pros vs cons. (I don’t agree with these ideas but just trying to understand them), In their eyes, if they intentionally cause inflation, they can loan and give away lots of money, modernize and save some industries, maybe even build or invent some stuff, save the environment, reduce our need for imported oil, solve the housing crisis by making loans no longer underwater, solve pensions and social security by not raising benefits much as pensioners have a fixed draw and maybe even frustrate the people enough with rising health care costs to support their mecial plan, old people will get screwed the most and they vote the most. When I say “they” I am in no way making this political, I am apolitical, they are all the same to me. It’s too perfect, the “easy button” is intentional inflation, maybe I should coin a phrase, how about “intentflation” or “resetflation” or “salflation?”

If anyone one cnbc uses my new terms, Maria, Erin and Diana have to come to my house and make me dinner or I’ll sue. Diana is married so she can remained clothed, but the other two, well, I’ll wait to see if they steal my terms before I make any demands, I don’t want to scare them off.