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12 years ago

All good for a yawn, but
All good for a yawn, but things are getting worse and worse. IMO,.nothing that can be done!

Coming from a self employed person on the front-lines!

IMO this has not even begun to get ugly yet!

12 years ago
Reply to  Rich Toscano

Rich Toscano wrote:Yes,
[quote=Rich Toscano]Yes, verifiable facts and data are so boring.[/quote]

Rich I am not disputing the numbers. If you think about it 50,000 new jobs over three years for San Diego is most likely not keeping up with population growth and there is no guarantee these are high paying skilled jobs or that when a new job is created it pays the same as an old one.

What I am seeing from a customer serving standpoint is a continually weakening consumer and more financial distress. This translates to less sales, less profit and of course later less tax paid.

IMO we are still on a bad to worse trajectory.

12 years ago

Thanks for another great
Thanks for another great post, Rich!

Bottom line, things are much, much better than they were two years ago, and better than a year ago. Especially for those of us in non-government, non-bubble sector jobs. This is consistent with what I’ve seen anecdotally. Retail is still struggling (but happy it’s not 2009!), financial services and construction are puttering but not shrinking, tech is doing pretty well and government faces serious challenges due to looming austerity measures brought on by increasing deficits.

Data really is a great way to effectively show “things are kinda better but still not wonderful”.

12 years ago

Rich, no disrespect intended.
Rich, no disrespect intended. I tend to be somewhat British in my humour, but while not feeling particularly positive about the way things are going, I am certainly not rooting for bad things. If things are looking up this is a good thing indeed!