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15 years ago

Just as long as everything
Just as long as everything is okay in Carmel Valley…nobody ever loses their job in Carmel Valley.

Sarcasm Off.

15 years ago
Reply to  JWM in SD

The only real movement is in
The only real movement is in construction/RE – significantly down. “Everything else” is pretty flat.

Mr. Drysdale
15 years ago
Reply to  eyePod

“Everything else is pretty
“Everything else is pretty flat”. Yes, but “for now” only. A link to an article on the about a week ago said there was an alarming rise in bankruptcies and in the activities that precede a bankruptcy among many of the nations largest retailers. These things happen slowly, but other industry sectors will soon be affected as well. I know this is not a revelation for most here, but I thought I’d comment given the coincidence of that article that appeared on Drudge.


I think it is probably
I think it is probably important at this point in the cycle to understand what is in the “Everything else” category.

Since this category created 14,500 jobs in the last 12 months (compared to 16,200 lost in housing-related, finance and retail), it is very important to understand what these jobs are going forward.
At some point, housing and finance will be so slow that the job losses in these categories will eventually slow (you eventually adjust to the much lower volume of sales). The big question is whether the job losses continue to spread from retail to other industries/job categories.

Is there any information on the breakdown of new jobs in the “everything else” category ?

15 years ago

This isn’t a reply to the
This isn’t a reply to the question above, but there was a good long term chart of San Diego County employment in this Saturday’s UT:

Jobless rate increases in S.D. County.

Reply to  Rich Toscano

Thanks Rich. Once or twice
Thanks Rich. Once or twice a year is probably often enough to update the category. If the job gains are still dominated by leisure/hospitality then I’d bet that they will soon be running into a wall.