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7 years ago

Thanks Rich
Election may be

Thanks Rich

Election may be having some impact, (investors).
Headlines about Fed meetings may confuse some buyers but likely not most.

Employment locally remains solid.

At some point, it is hard for new buyers to get the downpayment which may keep transaction levels down.

I had a couple of renters move out and buy recently. They had lost homes in short sales three years ago, would hate to think they bought right as prices stopped rising. Most likely (all other things being equal) the real estate market will enter phase where price rises match local income rises. (1-3%/year)

Flip side: many foreigners coming to San Diego to study, family comes in town and visits and suddenly, we have new buyers from India/China elsewhere. Of course this takes time but the number of Asian students seems to be growing at California universities and once a family member has ties to the area, the decision to buy makes more sense.