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16 years ago

Numbers only declined
Numbers only declined because September had 19 working days compared to 23 in August and the coming 22 in October.

On a per day basis, trustee deeds increased 3% over August.

16 years ago

Am I reading this wrong, or
Am I reading this wrong, or did nearly one 1 of 666 (at 0.15%) working adults in San Diego get a notice of default in September? In that month alone?! At a yearly rate if this continues, without even continuing to accelerate, this would be 1 in 55!

And does this count two-income couples as both two working adults and two NODs? If not, and it’s counting both people as working adults but only one NOD, you may actually have a much higher proportion-of-people-defaulting number if you properly counted a two-income couple as both two incomes and two defaults! Wow.