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9 years ago

Guess a slowly increasing
Guess a slowly increasing market isn’t interesting enough to comment on. Lower interest rates and oil prices should continue to support the uptrend.

9 years ago
Reply to  Escoguy

When does Southern California
When does Southern California property ever increase or decrease slowly? Other option is that the market has gone up too far, too quickly, and is topping.

Rates and oil prices are a function of falling demand as much as anything else.

PS – I don’t surf much, but this is a wave that I plan to ride if any when it hits SD Co. SURF’S UP, mofos….

9 years ago

Here’s to greater inventory
Here’s to greater inventory helping to bring the prices down to attainable levels!

I’m looking into the PQ/RB area because of the schools and proximity to work, but even a modest house is $600k and needs work. It sounds counter intuitive but I can understand the drive to get more than you can afford. The reasoning is that you pay so much for a small house that you are left nearly as house poor as you would be in a larger/nicer home.

9 years ago
Reply to  HopefulBuyer

Banks are not easing mortgage
Banks are not easing mortgage rules, so they say, refi’s are down (everyone has already done it) and new home purchases are up slightly. I catch myself being surprised now whenever I see a new housing project, they seem as rare as a snow leopard.

9 years ago
Reply to  moneymaker

What? There’s quite a bit of
What? There’s quite a bit of building going on in San Diego. And NYC for that matter.