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15 years ago

You mean to tell me it’s all
You mean to tell me it’s all about affordability? Kidding aside, from what I’ve seen there is plenty of demand for homes in San Diego, just not at the inflated prices of lore. As prices get back to more affordable levels, buyers return in droves. It’s nice to see we are getting back to a more normal market in portions of the county where prices are more reflective of value. I would expect this trend to continue albeit more slowly in the higher priced areas where prices are stickier (Is that a word?) on the way down.

Before you know it, we’ll be back to the good old days when selling or buying RE was truly based upon need and financial wherewithal. Nothing here suggests a spike in prices but I do believe we have hit the bottom as measured by sales volume.

15 years ago
Reply to  sdrealtor

Wow. Those two lists
Wow. Those two lists contrast like black and white. The top sales list is in “less desirable” areas while the bottom-of-the-bottom list is Del Mar, RSF, and the like. Not so immune I reckon.

I’m surprised that Mira Mesa is only 7th on the top list. There’s been a load of activity up in here.

WTF is Encanto and Nestor?

15 years ago

I keep hearing that sales are
I keep hearing that sales are up big, and I understand sales are up big in some Zip Codes, but overall aren’t SD home sales still lower YOY when you compare May to May?

The Daily Transcript recently reported sales up 4%, but a day or so later the UT reported sales down 4%, and today the UT is reporting sales down 12%.

15 years ago
Reply to  pencilneck

pencilneck, does it really
pencilneck, does it really matter what the countywide number is? We buy house in a particular area, so how that area changes is much more appropriate/useful info than how the county is change. If you only look at the county #, you might miss the bottom in some area and be too early on others.

15 years ago
Reply to  an

I am just not seeing the kind
I am just not seeing the kind of declines reported in South OC. Is this market different? Properties priced in the 500s 2 years ago are still priced the same.

15 years ago

Rich wrote another fantastic
Rich wrote another fantastic article. But while sales are way up in selected Zip Codes, the title “Prices Way Down, Sales Way Up” sounded a little misleading to me. The title could have as easily been “Sales way down, Prices down slighly” had focused on the other set of Zip Codes.

I wouldn’t have even mentioned it except that I’ve seen several similarly upbeat headlines recently at other publications, which I don’t think the data substantiates yet.

15 years ago

I would love to see this
I would love to see this information on a 3 month moving average (March to May 2008 vs. March to May 2007)… If this was generated on a monthly basis it could be a good indication of when it is “safe to buy” in certain areas.