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6 years ago

Wow, sales are up, inventory
Wow, sales are up, inventory down double digits, but only 5% price increase YoY.

It seems like sellers are leaving money on the table by listing too low.

Certainly the condo I purchased last year was priced well under market.

I am not looking to buy a fourth property for lack of down payment funds but seems like there are deals still if you patiently wait, then pounce with a full price or more offer at the right time.

6 years ago

Rich, I would love to see the
Rich, I would love to see the San Diego housing inventory chart that you have that goes back to Jan 2007, go back further. Would be really interesting to see a 20-30 year chart on this. I know inventory was pretty low in 2004/2005. I’m wondering if right now we have all time lows.