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16 years ago

Yikes! So the size-adjusted
Yikes! So the size-adjusted median is down a nominal ~16% from peak, which means it is down ~20%+ in inflation-adjusted terms. That’s quite a haircut for someone who bought at the peak. How many who bought in Sept. ’05 have any equity in their property at this point?

Now that awareness of the housing crash is going mainstream, you’ve got to believe that the down trend will get steeper for a bit before it starts to flatten out.

It will be interesting to see how much of an issue this becomes in next year’s election.

16 years ago
Reply to  AKguy

as always, Rich, your
as always, Rich, your analysis is insightful and poignant (poignant: adjective – being to the point)

anything above 8 months of inventory would tend to suggest declining prices and we have 12 months worth – ouch!