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17 years ago

*clap* *clap* *clap*
*clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

hold on for a bumpy ride!!

17 years ago

Rich – thanks for the data.
Rich – thanks for the data. There has been a bit of controversy on some of the threads about whether the case-shiller index is accurately capturing the declines. I wondered, would you be willing to plot your favorite ($/sq ft) versus the CS index from about 2000 or so? I have the CS data, but not the other. I would expect to see them pretty highly correlated, but it would be interesting and informative to see the extent to which these indices are in sync….or not.

Thanks again for this website.

17 years ago
Reply to  brian_in_la

Very fine graphs and
Very fine graphs and commentary, Rich. Thanks for taking the time!

17 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

bravo rich.
now here’s the

bravo rich.

now here’s the third reason why the price decline will continue. The ever increasing foreclosures and a decent % coming from mortgage fraud and first payment defaults. see my latest series of First Payment Mortgage Default posts on my blog. need I say more?

17 years ago
Reply to  ocrenter

Rich, I calculated 9.8
Rich, I calculated 9.8 months supply in September based on attached + detached inventory (source is MLS) is 22,785 divided by sales for attached (648) + detached (1674) both from Dataquick. How did you get a little over 8 months supply? How did you calculate November months supply without having the final sales data for November – are you using pendings as an approximation? I have 9.4 months supply in October, so our data and calculations are off for that month as well. Bob C. wrote in his newsletter we are just under 9 months supply, but your chart shows 8. Another question: are you using average price from the MLS? If you’re using median square foot, how do you get that?