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15 years ago

With the new Tempo5

With the new Tempo5 upgrade a neighborhood field was added. The definitions of these neighborhoods is fairly haphazard and compliance among agents with regard to entering the neighborhood is miserable at best.

It’s a start but I wouldnt rely on this measure for anything right now.


15 years ago
Reply to  sdrealtor

I totally dig how you can
I totally dig how you can select a zip code and choose to look at thumbnails of listings that reduced their asking price in order of how recently it was reduced. Super fun!

15 years ago
Reply to  Rich Toscano

Good follow-up though I’m
Good follow-up though I’m still suspicious as to how accurate the classifications would be. Still it’s a start at trying to add some more value at the very least.

15 years ago
Reply to  sdrealtor

Value add would be
Value add would be nice.
Honestly, I really wish that our mls had the user friendliness of either sd lookup or redfin.

Really, I think we would be better served by some code monkey (sorry, engineer) building something new or by buying one of the more polished existing interfaces. There is no reason that an agent should be responsible for downloading activex controls and reading thru a geek-speak mini-publish. Nor should an agent have to make sure his browser is a compliant one that is up to date.

I am disheartened by this move toward user-frendliness somewhere between dos 6 and vista and all most scripting done client side. The irony is that it did not work with vista for months.

15 years ago

A question completely off
A question completely off this topic:

I am novice to foreclosure and its outcomes. Recently on August 16th and 17th there was some home foreclosure auctions for San Diego and Riverside area respectively.

The auction site ( shows you the homes auctioned. Has anyone been to one of these auctions? What happens when you buy a home.

What if you decide to buy a home from the auction and you have the minimum 5%+5%+ another 3-8 percent for down payments…

But then what happens to the rest that is due?
What if you don’t qualify for a loan?

Well just got a ton of questions but I would appreciate some feedback on this topic.


15 years ago
Reply to  yama

Here is the link to my
Here is the link to my experience at one of these.

If you have questions that I did not answer sufficiently, please let me know and I will address them.