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17 years ago

More needs to be said about
More needs to be said about this: perhaps the industry-wide image of a realtor being about as reputable as a used-car salesman or loan shark would actually improve if their national parent organization didnt go around spewing out blatant falsehoods designed solely to ‘close the deal’.

The idea that it is simultaneously a good time to buy or sell a home is tautologically and demonstrably false. It can never be a good time to buy and sell the same asset- unless you happen to make a per-transaction commission. Perhaps that is really what this is really about.


17 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Those are some bold
Those are some bold statements. I can’t believe that a lawyer worth their weight would allow the NAR to publish those statements after reviewing them.

“Homeownership is a safe, secure way to build longterm
wealth. The national median price of homes bought
ten years ago has increased 88 percent.”

Sounds to me like they’re guaranteeing that homes will not decrease in value over a ten year period, and maybe even saying that the price will contiune rise at the rate they have been. Sounds like they are touting the product they sell (an abode in which to live or to rent out) as an investment vehicle since it apparently “builds longterm wealth”

Rich, sounds like you picked the wrong profession in which to help people build long term wealth.