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17 years ago

Harvard’s JCHS is quite

Harvard's JCHS is quite simply a mouthpiece for the RE industry.

 Per the other posting the advisory board is comprised of RE companies.

 Secondly, every study they have released has been specifically funded by a RE company.

 The most recent one was Masco.

The Director of the foundation isn't an economist and his highest degree is a Master's in Town Planning.

 In academia, if a problem is defined narrowly enough any conclusion can be supported, including the study sponsored by Masco about how the builders are smarter this time around, they tightened up their supply chains and aren't over-building.

17 years ago

there was no mention of
there was no mention of anything about investor activities. how would an investor react to the possiblities of losing his investment property that he put zero down for? especially if he’s got multiple properties he invested in. how many of those are out there?

maybe I’m just really really unlucky to be renting from one of these guys. but then again, maybe they are so commonplace that it is hard to avoid these folks.