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16 years ago

So Rich what DID you think
So Rich what DID you think of the report? What was printed in the paper didn’t seem to mirror the mood in the room at the Hyatt from my perspective…

16 years ago

I just want to be able to
I just want to be able to say I knew him when he was just another poor schlub with good analysis skills.


16 years ago
Reply to  barnaby33

Is the station number 89.5
Is the station number 89.5 FM?

Troubled Loner
16 years ago

I was very disappointed with
I was very disappointed with yesterday’s UT article concerning Anderson’s Forecast.

Anderson projects that “prices will decline less than 2% through next summer, then start to rebound”. Less than 2%!? Based on what???

I am getting sick and tired of hearing all these “experts” call the bottom, but have nothing to back it up. For the last 2 years, these “experts” have been saying that prices would not go down, and now that they have gone down, they continue to say that we’ve bottomed and will be rebounding. They have been continuously wrong, yet the media continues to go to these “experts” for their forecasts month after month. They have no credibility with me.

Yet here we are here on this board, the majority of us have been making accurate predictions about the housing market for the last 2-3 years, and no one is coming to us asking for our take (except Rich, go make us proud tomorrow!)

I would like to know more about who sponsors Anderson. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the sponsors have a vested interest in talking up the economy and downplaying the housing correction.

This is from the Anderson Forecast Website: “The Forecast Seminar, a quarterly forum sponsored by major corporations, state agencies, and local governments, gives members access to new developments in forecasting technology and software development. Seminar members include Western Financial Bank, Wellpoint Health Networks, Southern California Edison, State of California entities such as the Department of Finance, California Technology, Trade & Commerce Agency, and the State Controller�s office.”

16 years ago

HOW TO LISTEN to Rich’s Interview TODAY on “These Days,” the PBS radio show

RADIO: San Diego area – 89.5 FM between 10am and 10:40am, Thurs, May 3rd

LIVE ONLINE STREAMING: between 10am and 10:40am, Thurs, May 3rd.

RECORDED ONLINE STREAMING: any time after 11:00am, Thurs, May 3rd. (This is an educated guess — it may take a little longer for them to post the recorded version, but I know it will be posted at least by tomorrow.)

16 years ago
Reply to  brooke

thanks brooke, I’ll be
thanks brooke, I’ll be listening at work.

Let em have the truth Rich!

16 years ago
Reply to  ibjames

Bravo! Bravo! Really nice
Bravo! Bravo! Really nice job Rich.

16 years ago
Reply to  bub

Well done Rich. As you
Well done Rich. As you become a regular on talk radio and tv analysis pieces, you’ll learn to make sure you plug your site up front so that it doesn’t get pushed to the bottom as it did today. You’ve got to look out for #1 at some point.

Great piece – very diplomatic responses to your cohort’s misconceptions.

2 thumbs way up.

16 years ago

excellent interview today,
excellent interview today, rich. i wasn’t able to hear the whole interview due to an office interruption so i will have to download the podcast.

“End of line.”

16 years ago
Reply to  speaker

Rich, it’s so reassuring
Rich, it’s so reassuring hearing an articulate, well-reasoned argument for caution and moderation in this clearly-precarious housing economy. The “Anderson” dude was so pollyanna in his presentation, armed with few facts, offering what amounted to his unsubstantiated “opinions”. I felt sorry for the poor young guy who called in from Cardiff who’s 3/1 mortgage is resetting in the fall. He wondered wether he should sell or re-fi before the jump in his monthly payment. You gave him the best advice…educate yourself on the current market conditions by reading the VoiceofSanDiego. I hope he follows it. Overall, a very interesting show, and a great performance from Rich. Well done.


16 years ago
Reply to  Irish

Wow, Rich, you sound a lot
Wow, Rich, you sound a lot more reasonable and analytical than I would have guessed based on what I read about you from powayseller.

Just trying to pour fuel on the fire!

Great job, sir! Keep up the good work!

16 years ago

Good interview this


Good interview this morning. (

Nice how your piece on the continued decline of house prices (and incisive critique of the Anderson Forecast) now appears on KPBS’s site under the title of “Worst May Be Over for San Diego Real Estate”.

Of course “may” does include “may not”, so I guess that’s accurate :-).