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18 years ago

This is a very well
This is a very well constructed argument. The real estate market has been like a super tanker with a full head of steam. When it begins its turn the motion is almost imperceptible. Nevertheless, vast amounts of water are being displaced. The highly fragmented nature of the real estate business further masks the effects that are already occurring.

We all know what comes next. Captain Obvious will declare the bubble is bursting-film at 11.

18 years ago

My friend sells condo
My friend sells condo conversions in SD and said his boss just switched everybody from commision + salary to commision only. He’s going to try his hand at the notary business instead.

18 years ago

Many of the residential
Many of the residential appraisers are already feeling the pinch from the lack of volume. Some are looking for other lines of work, and I know of a few who have already been starved out. Fortunately I don’t have to deal with mortgage brokers, but I’m hearing that some of them are getting starved out, too.