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17 years ago

Glad to hear it’s working
Glad to hear it’s working out. I’ve often wondered whether my site would benefit from turning comments off altogether, rather than taking on the role of editor and cutting the ones that splinter into ad hominem. Keep up the good work!

Cole @ The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble

17 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Let’s hope everyone gets the
Let’s hope everyone gets the message and tones down the rhetoric. This kind of behavior is pretty common in forums. The overall level of discourse is still high. Great Job Professor!

17 years ago

Thanks for the guidance
Thanks for the guidance Rich. You are right-on (as usual). I watched the only other blog group I ever frequented go down because of political discussion that turned very personal against a man from another country (and this on a website dedicated to playing the flute!). Much like our sdrealtor did, someone on that blog used their resources in another field of work to find out identifying facts about the man from another country and posted them – it was a little scary. Anyway, I was disappointed then and would be to see this one go as well. I hope we can all be a bit more respectful of each other and of each other’s privacy (and I will lay off the spelling jabs – because frankly, I am getting tired of having to check and re-check the spelling in my own posts after making those rude comments).

17 years ago
Reply to  lostkitty

The great about this blog is
The great about this blog is that it allows both sides’ opinion.

I was an active participant of another downtown condos’ blog created by a realtor, he actually monitors his blog and DELETE comments he doesn’t like, amazing! He also altered the 92101’s condo inventory figure to show only
400+ units are for sale but the actual figure by other realtors MLS shows 610+, his median price always in the high 700k but other realtors’ number is in the mid 600k,
what a misinformation blog that is!

Rich’s articles tell the trueth, he saved me a lot of money because I was planning to buy a downtown condo unit before reading his articles but now I’ll be watching and waiting, I am a lucky guy who is able to read Rich’s articles before making
a decision.

Thanks, Rich.

17 years ago

Professor – You have done a
Professor – You have done a thorough job of documenting the housing situation in San Diego. I have not been there in years and am thus uable to critique any of your findings. “Data” is helpful, but I believe it is also necessary to evaluate nuance, which must be observed first hand, to fully evaluate the circumstances of the marketplace.

However, it is worth noting that, in all “bubble manias,” the top is often marked by anger from participants, directed at those who question the investment du jour, housing, in this case. That doubters, previously dismissed as cranks, who “just didn’t get it,” are now the subject of shrill denounciation, scorn and anger, is, in my view, the final argument in favor of an unsustainable financial mania.

That the tenor of discussion has begun to degrade and reflect the dawning realization from bubble participants that financial trouble may indeed be imminent, is, perhaps, evidence enough to end the debate.