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  • What is the average monthly power generation that the array will generate per month, for each month of the year? This will be the required bundle of money you will have to come up with should you purchase.
  • Who is the manufacturer of the equipment – goes to quality, reliability, actual power generation and lifetime of the equipment.
  • What has been their historical power consumption monthly – for a full year. This will tell you whether the solar array is offsetting SDG&E costs, or adding to them because you are ‘donating’ power to the grid at your cost.
  • How is the generation of the power by the solar array checked? or is it a guess that the lease company charges to.
  • What is the cost to ‘buy out’ the lease? Check if the ‘lease’ is attached to the property or just his name. There are several legal grey areas here that have not been tested.

    Another note to consider is that SDG&E Tier 1 rate is below $0.19KwH currently, though not likely to stay that way forever.

    Personally, I feel that entering into a lease agreement is a rip-off. That is because you still have to pay for the equipment (amortized over the lease), add in their profit AND they (the lease company) gets to keep the solar rebate and tax offsets.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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