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  • No graffiti, no trash laying around.
  • No loud music invading other people’s space.
  • Low to no crime.
  • High quality schools.
  • Safe to the point where it is comfortable to leave somethings unlocked – like it was in many places during the 1960s or earlier.
  • 5 bedroom, 4 bath house, approx 3,000+ sq ft house, 1/3+ acre lot for less than $400,000.
  • Able for a family to function as a single wage earner/single income – more traditional. This allows for young children to have access to a parent almost any time of the day – no latch-key kids, and less financial stress.
  • 1/3+ acre lots – a lot of room for kids to safely play and develop instead of glued to a TV screen or video game. 3,000sq foot house also allows some play for kids inside.

    Sounds kind of nice from the above list. One aspect I worry about is Mc Kinney, TX becoming an ‘echo chamber’ for a specific type of view, though ironically, San Francisco/Silicon Valley has already become an echo chamber for their own types of views – isolating themselves from ideas outside of their own. It is almost overtly hostile to conservatives (Undercover Conservatives). This is part of a series called Divided We Code. First segment Sexual Harassment; Power, Money, Harassment even demonstrates how this liberal bastion is even contradicting their own beliefs on equality.

    So at this point, to head off the proverbial name-calling, a little bit about myself;

  • Tend to vote Republican, but not always. My S.O. is a Democrat. (Yes, we are living in so-called ‘sin’ – what’s it to you? Yes, we also have differing points of view – but why would that be a problem? Have you read Yevgeny Zamyatin’s ‘We’? George Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’?(ref also to ‘thought police’), what about the movie Equilibrium? )
  • I’m white, she’s not (What? Why would that be wierd? Are you a racist?).
  • My degree is EECE with a lot of Physics and Math with a minor in Business Management. In highschool, I pulled perfect AP test scores in Math and Physics. She is a Communications major. (so why do you consider me a deplorable ignorant?)
  • I’m agnostic-Protestant, she’s Catholic. (yes, a Republican can exist that is not a Holy Roller)
  • Our parents in both cases, have military service in their backgrounds (fathers). Both mothers have been teachers.

    — so as you can see – not so cut and dry, black and white. An interesting side note is that she wanted us to move to Texas….

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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