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16 years ago

Very nice data-based
Very nice data-based rejoinder, Rich.

But, I warn you, you are about to get yourself dropped from the Chamberlin family Christmas card list!

16 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Rich, Excellent insights

Rich, Excellent insights and expose of the last stronghold of the real estate bulls: employment. As I have said before, this is the last pillar holding up the teetering housing bubble…and you have put another big crack in it. I don't know how you came up with the lagging correlation between unemployment and foreclosures, but I am liking it. Perhaps JG has some nice graphs up his sleeve on this topic that he can share with us.

Any discerning reader worth his salt will know that George Chamberlin is nothing other than an industry blowhard…a card-carrying real estate hack. He is the same person that used days on market as part of his argument against those who were saying the housing bubble was bursting in December 2005:


Sorry for posting the entire URL…the hyperlink feature appears to not be available in rich-text mode and I am not of sound mind to code :^).