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16 years ago

jeez man, what did you do to
jeez man, what did you do to the site? the login/login state management is fubar… can’t log in cuz “page not found”… speaking of which, logging in from a thread always results in page not found rather than redirecting back to the originating thread.

while you’re fiddling, how about adding the paging links to the top of the thread? scrolling to the bottom of the page every time to hit the next page links is a minor disconvenience…

16 years ago
Reply to  Rich Toscano

log in state was sketchy at
log in state was sketchy at the time… instead of being shown the “reply” link, i was shown the login or register links. clicking login would send me to the page not found error. using the log out that you provided sort of reset things, but instead of requiring a re-login, the reply function started working properly. i’m guessing that login state is managed with cookies and that the log out automatically relogged me in by checking the cookies…

the problem with the redirection i think lies with how the redirect url is being constructed. i’m using IE 6.0 on a win2k box. the link i get redirected to in logging in from this thread is:

notice that instead of 6445/2523, the redirect has a % sign in there…

as for adding the paging links, if you have access to the blog source code, you could try finding where the paging links are constructed and copy/paste the code snip to the top of the page…