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17 years ago

I posted this comment
I posted this comment yesterday. It came from the yahoo bonds page. I think it reflects the sentiment of most bond traders.

“The market has been given a tame backbone boost by the tame inflation numbers, while the in-line initial jobless claims are little cause for drama. “The inflation numbers are a joke, they’re fudged, we all know that,” says a long time dealer, adding “we will all play along until it blows up, which it will,” but he points out, until the dollar starts “into a free fall, we won’t ” worry too much about the situation.”

I think we will see some significant movement after the holiday weekend. Volume is very light this time of year. The pros come back to work next week.

17 years ago
Reply to  LA_Renter

Dollar vs Loonie has been
Dollar vs Loonie has been ominous again since July 21. Check this out:

10 years ago

Price controls, whether in
Price controls, whether in credit, or any other market place, always fail. Merchants don’t “get less expensive” when these ideas come around, they close. When payday lenders close, consumers are left with dangerous/unregulated alternatives. For once, it would be nice to see a writer think a bit more about why payday lenders are licensed, regulated, and around. People need a licensed/regulated way to get short term cash in a bind.