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14 years ago

Hi Rich
Thanks for the great

Hi Rich
Thanks for the great graphs on VOSD. You continue to mention that unemployment is not a leading indicator. Wouldn’t it be a drag on the economy, though? Particularly real estate, since you kinda have to have a job now to buy a house.

14 years ago
Reply to  jpinpb

jpinpb wrote:….you kinda
[quote=jpinpb]….you kinda have to have a job now to buy a house.[/quote]

You need a job now to buy a house? We will fix that.

US Senator Chris Dodd

House Member Barney Frank

14 years ago
Reply to  Rich Toscano

Yes, Rich. Good point.
Yes, Rich. Good point. People are buying now. However, would you agree the reasons people are buying could have something to do w/it? I mean, we’ve seen some pretty big drop in prices, the Government is sponsoring it w/8k credit and 10k credit if you buy new, plus some people on the sidelines are sick of waiting and are just thinking it’s time. Some of our very own Piggs pulled the trigger, as it is enticing.

As you say, not everyone is unemployed. But when we’ve exhausted through the fence sitters and we have remaining the people who walked that can’t buy and investors that are overleveraged and/or overextended, that’ll be just about the time the banks will scratch their heads trying to figure out what to do w/all the foreclosures.

Rich, do you think that as the government says, we are at bottom? Do you think, hence, the government will stop pumping money in this through credits and bailouts? Do you think our economy is stable enough to not see further unemployment? 90% employed. Why should we not factor in the U6 figure? They are part of our economy.

14 years ago

Just a quick question, but
Just a quick question, but isnt that second graph from 2007 (Sd job gained/lost 2006-2007?) ? I am thinking the wrong graph sneaked in there, but maybe that is the real graph. God knows the BLS data sure seems like a blast from the past.