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17 years ago

I’m guessing the significant
I’m guessing the significant uptick in Retail is typical in the last couple of months of the year? Might be stating the obvious, but then again don’t want to assume…

It’ll be interesting (and telling) to see where Construction and Finance/RE go from here.

17 years ago
Reply to  sdcellar

I would also venture to
I would also venture to guess it is typical for construction jobs to diminish in the winter months and climb in the summer months.

I love looking at this stuff, Rich. Thanks!

17 years ago
Reply to  pencilneck

Kind of looks that way, but
Kind of looks that way, but construction is still down as compared to November of last year (and January too, which was the lowest month). Not too surprising. I probably shouldn’t have conjectured about seasonality in the first place.

17 years ago

I wonder what the
I wonder what the “Everything Else” jobs were that gained over the last year. Obviously some of the lost construction jobs are being picked up elsewhere. Most likely, however, even if the layed-off construction workers are finding other jobs they are for less pay. Regardless, the magnitude of lost contstruction and real estate jobs over the coming two years is going to be far too great to be picked up by other industries.