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16 years ago

The utility of the log graph
The utility of the log graph will become more apparent if the value drops below 1 – i.e when the data spans more than 1 order of magnitude. This graph is just on the verge of needing a log graph.

So, no I don’t see anything yet, but if it really goes to hell, then it’ll be useful. i.e if sales stay flat and NODs double, you will really see it on the log graph but it will barely register on the original one.

Never hurts to be prepared.


16 years ago
Reply to  sdduuuude

This is very interesting.
This is very interesting. Is data available that would enable creation of similar graphs only for houses in a given value? The big question for those of us who have seen and digested the relevant data and are currently waiting on the sidelines is: just how will the bubble burst pan out in different segments of the market?

Of course, creation of a NOD/sales or NOD/inventory graphs for a given segment would require some kind of control for price appreciation over time, but I imagine that this would be solvable.

Is it possible, to start, to get at the volume of NODs by original purchase price or “assessed value” or Volume of Defaults by foreclosure price?

Probably a better, simpler way, but I hope someone can see what I’m driving at..


16 years ago

From the looks of it sales
From the looks of it sales per NOD is not a predictive indicator but rather simply correlated with price changes. That is a little surprising but there is so much noise in the sales per NOD it is hard to tell.

Is there any way to get historical inventory figures? I speculate that inventory is the most correlated to price changes, and NOD’s is the most correlated to the future supply.

Fascinating data in any event.

16 years ago

Is the blue line adjusted
Is the blue line adjusted for inflation? If not, I’d be interested to see how that would change the shape of the 1990s curve.

16 years ago

Rich, if you enable the
Rich, if you enable the minor grid lines on using chart options , then then the log scale becomes better. You can see 2 times 3 times, etc easily.