Where can I find Default Notices?

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Submitted by wildta on February 11, 2013 - 6:28pm

I'm currently renting a condo downtown and I think my landlord might be under default. Where can I find this information if it is recent? I assume this is public info posted somewhere?

Submitted by UCGal on February 12, 2013 - 9:33am.

Do you have his/her name?

Plug in the last name first name combo into the grant deed search.


If the property is held in trust or by a corporation, LLC, or other legal entitity, you'll need that info instead.

You're looking for Notice of Default (NOD) or a Notice of Trustee Sale (NOT). The first is just a warning... and starts the clock ticking towards the second. NOT means a trustee sale date has been assigned.

The question then becomes - what will you do with this information other than prepare.

The landlord being in default does NOT negate any lease you have. And even if the home is foreclosed, you have rights to complete your lease agreement (assuming it's reasonable - not a 10 year lease at 1/4 of market value type thing.) So even if the condo is sold at auction (or goes back to the bank) you can complete your lease terms.

standard disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer, realtor, or anything. But this is my understanding of how things work.

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