OT: Found this convenient recycling center in Torrey Hills (Carmel Valley)

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Submitted by flu on June 13, 2009 - 9:42pm

I'm not an obsessed tree hugger. Nevertheless, I discovered this interesting recycling center in Torrey Hills (Carmel Valley, in the Vons center: )

What makes this place interesting is that in addition to recycling CRV containers/can (which they pay you for, though not much), this place also recycles almost all types of electronic stuff, including non-functional TV's, computers, stereos, portable players, phones, etc. They also take batteries, compact fluorescent bulbs, and plastic/cans that are not CRV (IE the plastic and metal cans you aren't suppose to throw into the blue bins provided by San Diego).

This is pretty cool because waste from electronics is a pretty big problem and a big environment issue moving forward. The recycler includes a rewards program that pay you for recycling (albeit, not much... For example, 2 cents per pound for a TV)...The rewards can be redeemed at local merchants, including the Shell gas station off of Carmel Creek Rd.

I thought it was pretty cool to be collecting all that electronics, so i spent a good portion of today throwing out electronic junk that couldn't be donated to goodwill.

More info about this recycler here: http://www.recycle4life.com/?cat=21

Submitted by CardiffBaseball on June 13, 2009 - 11:27pm.

This is great as we are getting ready to move and I have this two-ton TV and old computer system taking up dust in my garage...

Thanks flu

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