Is climate change one of the biggest crises facing humanity?

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44% (8 votes)
44% (8 votes)
WTF is "climate change?"
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this "poll" question is dumb!
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ucodegen wrote:

"Look before you leap - Drastic, precipitous—and, especially, unilateral—steps to delay the putative greenhouse impacts can cost jobs and prosperity and increase the human costs of global poverty, without being effective. Stringent economic controls now would be economically devastating particularly for developing countries..." Revelle 1992

had to finish what I started the other evening,... which is the poll I though to have more substance than CA renters alleged "computer hack" thread w/ skunk shitting poll contest!... that along w/ the PDF I was trying to put together late at night,... where basically I was trying to highlight something w/ in the PDF,... so to do that, first had to use OCR software to convert the document, blab, blah, blah

since you mentioned you worked at SIO (long ago), pretty sure you know Walter Munk is another major figure in that neck of the woods,... anyway he too had concerns about the misuse of revelle's good name/reputation being connected to an article in some Washington, D.C. club magazine (which is documented in an AFFIDAVIT provided by revelle's secretary)

so check out the revised PDF (at the link below) because the "included" AFFIDAVIT IMHO shows pretty clearly that singer isn't all that honest or trustworthy of a "scientist" and his personal account,...

is basically historical PR revisionism

also FWIW back in the day when Revelle was teaching, we didn't have access to solid data of exact CO2 measurements,... now we do thanks to ice core sample(s)

Richard Alley a climate scientist (and FWIW a "Republican" National Academy of Sciences member), IMHO fills in the gaps and settles the question about the role CO2 plays w/ temperature that revelle got me interested in years ago,...

"Alley" hosted a documentary (w/ segments) which explain:



Abrupt Climate Change

also of interest is a presentation (@ National Academy of Sciences 152nd Annual Meeting) on the on 4.6 Billion Years of Earth’s Climate History

The Role of CO2, during the Symposium—Earths, Moons, Mars & Stars

AND a talk a yale about the economics of climate change, which again IMHO is vary similar in style as to how revelle had us students look at a problem (from another angle)

Sea-Level Rise: Inconvenient, or Unmanageable?

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There is a lot of 1980s thinking out there.
People claim that green tech slows down growth. True at one time, but we have reached economies of scale.
it’s now proven that green tech accelerates growth. We will see in the next 20 years what countries will dominate the tech of the future. I’m pretty confident people who embrace green tech will save money, make money, and become richer. I won’t feel sorry for thise who are poorer because they cling to the past.

Submitted by Escoguy on May 20, 2018 - 11:58am.

From roughly 1975 to 1990, Germany cut it's oil use in half and it's economy doubled in size.

Submitted by FlyerInHi on May 21, 2018 - 12:15pm.

I'm loving it. Prince Harry's old jaguar is now an electric car.
This past weekend I was in Ramona (of all places) and they were so many Harleys belching out smoke and creating noise. So annoying! We need to move to electric quickly to make our cities more liveable.

Submitted by Ribbles on May 22, 2018 - 7:01am.

Ugh, it will be a sad day when most internal combustion engines are gone. No more lopey cams or angry flat sixes or spastic vtec. They will never disappear entirely - too many passionate people clinging to them. They are alive in a way that electric motors are not, and that is a very good thing, even if electric is superior in every practical sense.

Anticipating that day, if I have my kids in the car when a V8 with aftermarket exhaust rumbles by, I roll down the window and say "SHHH!! Listen!!"

Even the artificial engine noise pumped through my 228i speakers is a little disheartening, but better than total silence. I think it would be especially silly on an electric car.

All that said, I would be happy if private cars (electric and otherwise) were completely eliminated from downtowns and replaced with something better. Something useable and safe for pedestrians. If I suddenly decide I want to be two blocks north, I want to be in my ride in 10 seconds flat.

Submitted by millennial on May 22, 2018 - 10:25am.

Had electric - hated it, feels like you're driving a big golf cart! Nothing is sweeter than the sound of a real combustion engine at full throttle. Just traded it in and purchased the family an M5. Great family car and gets the kids to piano practice real quick.

Submitted by Ribbles on May 22, 2018 - 10:37am.

Good choice. I looked at the older V10 M5, just because they are a practical size and sound incredible, then had a good chuckle at the gas mileage. With my commute I would spend something like $900/month on gas.

Submitted by millennial on May 22, 2018 - 10:55am.

Yeah the older ones were gas guzzlers. The new one is rated at 15/21, but honestly probably closer to 13/18 with the way I drive. The modes on the new models are amazing and can go from a 600 hp beast to a regular 5 series with a click of a button.

If mileage is an issue you should look into the new M2. It gets 18/26 and is a beast; inline 6 that puts out 343 lb-ft of torque.

Submitted by Ribbles on May 22, 2018 - 11:32am.

I'm actually looking at the M2 and the M240i. It depends on how harsh the ride is. M2 has a fixed suspension compared to the adaptive in the 240, and some people are saying the M2 is too stiff for the street. I'll have to test drive it. A 240 with a tune would be just as fast, although not as light and wouldn't look as good.

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im in the market for an electric bike.