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Submitted by Noob on January 21, 2008 - 3:32pm

Are there any consolidated tracking or analysis for Rental Prices in SD county available? I have done my own basic research by looking in Craigslist and the UT for rental prices, but that seems a little hit and miss to me.

I would like to have some sort of third party number broken out by comparable square footage and area to take to the banks when I apply for a loan on rental property.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Submitted by WaitingToExhale on January 21, 2008 - 3:50pm.

You can try Rentometer. I'm not sure how accurate it is, as I believe its all user entered data, but it is a place to start.

Submitted by surveyor on January 21, 2008 - 3:52pm.

The San Diego County Apartment Association has their 2007 report out. You have to request it from them and it will cost $40.

Send me your email address at and I will send it to you.

Submitted by surveyor on February 7, 2008 - 4:07pm.

new website for rental prices

I just found this new website that tracks rental prices. It's much better than rentometer and it actually gives out really good information about the neighborhood you are looking up.

I tested some of the rent prices, and it seems that my rents are too low! Even after my increases! So take it with a grain of salt, as you must with any information that comes your way.

The site is pretty good because it gives statistics on $/sq. ft., neighborhood crime statistics, incomes, vacancy rates, and even differentiates between types of rental units, such as SFRs vs. apartments. Good stuff.

I also read this article at calculated risk that says that the rental market in San Diego is brisk and that they expect rent price increases (although they say the opposite about Riverside and San Bernardino).

The numbers being reported here seem to be by large REITs and large apartment managers.

Submitted by cr on February 7, 2008 - 4:21pm.

Great site surveyor.

It looks a little high for my area too, but I don't think anymore than 10-15%.

Submitted by DWCAP on February 7, 2008 - 6:56pm.

From the prior posts (mostly landlords or would be landlords) is that prices in San Diego are going up, with this site as a better, but not perfect, source of information. Two things,
First, it seems high. I am not saying that you cant find prices like that, but that I doubt it is capturing alot of smaller rental places (in terms of number) which will be the first to feel the slow down. Just like housing prices, watching the largest and best organized rentals (ala CV, 4S, LJ in the buying market) as a sign of the health of the rental market is dangerous, because any pain will show up in the lowest segments (chulaV, eastlake)of the market first.

Second, the month over month seems to have alot of red. Click on San Diego Proper, it breaks it down by zipcode and the month over month isnt showing alot of growth. Add into that the hard hit zipcodes of 92154 and 91911, Ie chula vista, are showing some of the highest rental increases. 92127 and 92128, even 92121, are showing mixed to down results. I find it hard to believe that that La Jolla and RB are suffering while Chula Vista is seeing some of the highest appreciation. More likely this is based off asking prices, not those which are actually renting. ALot of people in Chula Vista NEED to raise to keep up with their investments, so prices are recording as going up.
On the otherside, people in these areas are losing more houses, so demand MAY be higher in these areas (why pay 1650 in Chula South, when you can pay 1700 in Clairmont and work in LJ?) If true, that wont last forever.

Not saying that prices are not going up on rentals, just watchout about numbers like this. Housing prices were going up in 2006 too remember?

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